Industrial innovative ED Plant EMU-3R for whey demineralization successfully comissioned in EU.

Company #MTLT in close collaboration with an OEM partner successfully commissioned its first high efficient #electrodialysis plant for acid whey #demineralization. This is a great completion of our 4 years innovative journey in order to develop new industrial #ED stack EMA-TMH type, suitable for #food applications.

The ED demineralization plant  EMU-3R has been designed by MTLT especially for treatment of acid and sweet types of #whey and different #desalination degrees of product.

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Processing and utilization of waste water, formed during demineralization and concentration of sweet and acid whey.

In the frame of the 18th International exhibition of equipment for the production of milk and dairy products "DairyTech 2020", held on February 18-21, 2020, Moscow, a regular conference "Solutions in the field of membrane methods and development of the market of ingredients from dairy raw materials" was held.

Company Membranines Technologios LT (MTLT) presented a report: "Processing and utilization of waste water, formed during the demineralization and concentration of sweet and acid whey, with the production of commercial by-products".

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Workshop “Processing Equipment & Technologies”.


February 4-5, 2020, a practical seminar “Processing Equipment & Technologies”  was held for dairy industry specialists, which was organized by the Сompanies PAO "Kalinovsky Mashzavod" (Ukraine), PPHU "Alima-Bis" Sp. z o.o. (Poland) and UAB "Membraninės Technologijos LT" (Lithuania) on the basis of JSC "Kobrin butter and cheese Factory".

Workshop program included acquittance with the products of manufacturers of various types of equipment and technologies for the dairy, as well as exchange of practical experience.

PAO "Kalinovsky Mashzavod".

Technical and technological features of operation of film-type vacuum evaporators for thickening various dairy products.

Drying of dairy products.

Economic efficiency of using vacuum evaporators of film type with mechanical recompression of secondary steam.

JSC "Kobrin butter and cheese factory".

Experience of operation of the vacuum evaporators produced by the "Kalinovsky Mashzavod ".

PPHU "Alima-Bis" Sp. z o. o.

Membrane filtration systems for the production of innovative dairy products.

UAB “Membraninės Technologijos LT”.

Acquaintance with the Company's products.

Features of Electrodialysis Plants manufactured by "Membraninės Technologijos LT".

Applications of ED equipment for the whey processing.


In the workshop took participation by more than twenty specialists and manufacturers, representing a number of dairy processing enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

The seminar was held in a business atmosphere and ended with a visit to the thickening workshop of  JSC "Kobrin butter and cheese factory.



Сompany @MTLT offer new #electrodialysis stacks and equipment on the base of innovative approach in demineralization of different dairy and food products.

Recently we completed a 3-years development of new electrodialysis stack suitable for applications in food and dairy industry. After stack re-design and many tests on different feeds and sites we are ready for introduction of our ED stack type EMA-TMH2 for commercial use since January 2020.

Main features of new EMA-TMH2 stack:

  • Different feed with high total solids and viscosity like concentrated whey, gelatin, sugar molasses, chicory syrup etc. can be processed in one-pass mode.
  • Low energy consumption and operation at higher temperature due to improved design and new materials including ion-exchange membranes.
  • The stack can be operated in either with (EDR) or without polarity reversal (ED) mode.
  • Better hydraulic properties (low pressure drop per stack) allow to place up to four electrodialyzers in series for deep demineralization without intermediate tanks and additional pumps.
  • Complete tightness and the absence of internal and external leaks.
  • Compact design. Easy handling and maintenance.

We can provide complete ED systems or just ED stacks with OEM documentation including process design.

We already received several orders for demineralization of different kinds of whey for production of dairy ingredients. Based on feedback we believe that our new product will meet market requirements on efficient and reliable demineralization process.

In case of your interest we will be glad to provide you more information about our company and electrodialysis portfolio as well as discuss your specific requirements.

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