Classical electrodialysis

The essence of this method is based on the direct transport of dissociated ions (salts dissolved in water) under the influence of an electric field through the selectively permeable heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes.

In this unit two types of membranes are used: membranes that are selectively permeable for cations – cation exchange membranes, and membranes, which are selectively permeable for anions – anion exchange membranes.

In the option the two-way assembly of a membrane stack only pads with a side feeding slot are used and two groups of chambers isolated from each other are created – flow of the desalting solution (diluate) and the flow of concentration (brine). The solution is supplied through the desalting way, liable for reprocess (desalination). The distilled water or the initial solution (concentrate) is supplied through the concentration way. As a result of the process, inorganic admixtures are removed from the flow of the product and transferred into the flow of concentration.

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