Electrodialysis - advantages


low specific energy consumption/input during exploitation and minimal CAPEX;


the degree of desalination may be any, including obtainment of ‘ultrapure’ water, wherein the feed solute for desalination can have high salinity; moreover, the principle of electrodialysis underlying the functioning of equipment allows to solve also the inverse problem - to obtain highly concentrated solutions from natural mineralized waters;


the equipment is maintainable; easy to service and reliability in operation;


does not require any chemical or natural reagents in the exploitation process, since electrodialysis is a non-reagent method;


the equipment is manufactured in a modular construction, practically in any required configuration and can be placed on a relatively small area in already existing buildings or facilities, unlike other equipment operating on different principles;


the productivity of the manufactured equipment can range from couple of liters per hour to tens of thousands of cubic meters per day, from laboratorial equipment to industrial.

We are

Developers of electrodialysis (electromembrane) apparatuses and complex equipment, including special purpose equipment for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Different capacities – from laboratorial, pilot to industrial, as well as technological processes with electrodialysis method application.

An innovative private company specializing in production and development
of electrodialysis equipment and technologies on the basis of electromembrane processes
Anno 1996

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