Electrodialysis Units

 New!  Industrial module EMA-TMH2

Main features of new EMA-TMH2 stack:


  • Different feed with high total solids and viscosity like concentrated whey, gelatin, sugar molasses, chicory syrup etc. can be processed in one-pass mode.
  • Low energy consumption and operation at higher temperature due to improved design and new materials including ion-exchange membranes.
  • The stack can be operated in either with (EDR) or without polarity reversal (ED) mode.
  • Better hydraulic properties (low pressure drop per stack) allow to place up to four electrodialyzers in series for deep demineralization without intermediate tanks and additional pumps.
  • Complete tightness and the absence of internal and external leaks.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy handling and maintenance.
EMA (pilot and low tonnage)
Electromembrane apparatus EMA type used in the pilot and experimental-industrial Plants in the preliminary experimental work directly on the Client`s  production to determine optimal regimes for the subsequent successful exploitation industrial equipment.

The design of the device allows to use a variety of membrane stack assembly options: two - or three- or four channels, with separate washing of electrode chambers, as well as different types of membranes. The total effective area of membranes from 1.69 up to 5.64 m2 (depending of the number of installed membranes). Capacity of one channel (way) - from several liters to 1 m3/h.


EMA (industrial) 

Electromembrane apparatus EMA of industrial type is a key element in any electromembrane Plant. The design of the industrial apparatus allows to use a variety of membrane stack assembly options: two - or three- or four channels, with separate washing of electrode chambers, as well as different types of membranes

The productivity of the device is determined by the number of membranes and spacers, installed in the membrane stack, and ranges from 2 up to 10 m3/h via one channel (way). The total effective area of the membranes from 51.8 up to 130 m2.




Electromembrane concentrator - electrodialyzer EMAC is designed for effective implementation of the process of concentration of inorganic salts in aqueous solutions, and most acids and alkalis. Can be used in the chemical, food, milk and pharmaceutical industries, hydrometallurgical, in the processes of wastewater treatment in various industries in order to reduce the volume of discharged water. Types of devices supplied - from low-tonnage to industrial, any capacity. The total effective area of the membranes in one unit from 51.8-130 m2 (depending on the number of installed membranes).




Electromembrane apparatus with bipolar membranes EMA-BM can be manufacturing in the versions of the two- or  three-flows assembly of the membrane stack.  Three-flows assembly designed to convert aqueous solutions of salts into acid and alkali, without the use of any chemical additives. These products can be recycled (concentrated) or reused in the process for direct acidification or alkalinization of solutions, scheduled regeneration of membranes in the electromembrane equipment without the use of additional purchased reagents, in the absence of by-products and the need for additional costly purification measures.
Two-flows variants assembly of membrane stacks with the use of different combinations of bipolar and monopolar membranes, give the possibility to carry out the process of increasing or decreasing pH  of the working solution (pH-correction).




Electromembrane diffusion-dialysis extractor-electrodialyser DDE is a special type of apparatuses, designed for extraction of pure alkali from alkaline solutions, with variety level of alkali concentration, including treatment of collection (mixed) regeneration waste water after ion-exchange, for example. The obtained alkali, if necessary, be subjected to further concentration with electromembrane concentrator EMAK and then revert for ion-exchange resins regeneration again.
DDE apparatus successfully used in hydrometallurgy, for alkali extraction from technological solutions and reused alkali in technological processes.




Universal laboratory electromembrane Unit UOLEMU is intended for carrying out scientific-research and experimental-laboratory work. The unit is equipped with one or two easy replaceable electromembrane apparatuses LEMA, for example - with two- or three channels, but with different types of membranes. At the request of the customer, Unit can be completed with laboratory devices for the Express analysis on-line. The total working area of the membranes in the apparatus LEMA - 0.43-0.85 m2 (depending on the number of installed membranes).



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Developers of electrodialysis (electromembrane) apparatuses and complex equipment, including special purpose equipment for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Different capacities – from laboratorial, pilot to industrial, as well as technological processes with electrodialysis method application.

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